What is an employee engagement survey?

An engagement survey measures the degree of employee commitment to the company. Engaged employees have a strong desire to be a member of the organization; they always speak positively about the company; and they are willing to exert the necessary effort to help the company succeed. Employees who are engaged are productive, innovative, and take ownership of results, thereby helping the company maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why is Westmont conducting these surveys?

Westmont Hospitality Group is committed to being one of the best employers in Canada. To achieve this goal, we need feedback from all employees about what we’re doing well – and what requires further attention.

Who is being asked to complete the surveys?

All full-time and part-time employees will be asked to take part.

Who is Vision Critical?

Vision Critical is the international firm working with Westmont Hospitality Group to conduct the engagement surveys. They have many years of experience in understanding employee dynamics and helping organizations design and implement employee engagement software to achieve their business results.

What will be done with the results?

The survey results will help direct our focus to the areas requiring improvement. We will develop plans for meeting the goals we ultimately set, tell employees what those plans are, and then act on them. We know that follow-through is critical!

How soon will changes be implemented?

Effecting change will be a journey! Some of our actions may have an impact in the short-term, others may take time to have an impact.

How long will the surveys take to complete?

Survey lengths will vary. The surveys will include multiple questions, but will never take more than a few minutes to complete!

How will the surveys be administered?

The surveys will be completed online through www.thewestmontvoice.ca

Why did I receive an invitation to take a survey?

You received an invitation asking you to join The Westmont Voice to which you indicated your agreement to be a member.

When will the surveys be completed?

Surveys will be conducted on a monthly basis.

Do employees have to complete a survey?

Participation is voluntary and will not be tracked. However, if we are to improve the work environment we need employees to tell us what is – and isn’t – working.

What if a survey is started but not submitted?

Unsubmitted surveys will not be included in the final results.

Will anyone ever see my individual results?

No. To ensure your total privacy, your answers are confidential and grouped in total with others who have completed the same survey. The information you provide is used for statistical purposes only.

My password is not working when I return to the portal page?

If you have been re-directed to the member portal page after completing the questionnaire, you do not need to login to submit your answers. They are already registered. You are re-directed to the member portal page by default should you wish to update or change any of your account information.

If you have not yet received and clicked the link in your e-mail to confirm your registration, you will not be able to log into the community. Check your e-mail for this confirmation and follow the steps to complete your entrance into the community.

When logging in, make sure you don’t enter any unnecessary spaces before or after your e-mail address or password. The system reads blank spaces as extra characters.

What if I forget my password?

You can send an e-mail to our member support team at support@thewestmontvoice.ca or click “forgot password” and your password will be reset and a copy sent to your email address on file.

Why can’t I login, I get an “e-mail does not exist” message when I try to login?

If you did not complete the first study you were invited to and click the link in your confirmation e-mail, you are not fully registered in the community. If you have completed these steps and still cannot login, try closing the portal page and returning in a few minutes.

Check your Inbox and Junk Mail folder for the confirmation e-mail; depending on your e-mail provider, it may have been directed to your Junk Mail folder.

Are there any prizes for filling out the survey?

If there is a prize or a contest being offered for this particular survey, you will find the details in either your study invitation (e-mail) or within the study itself. Be sure to read the information provided so you are familiar with the terms and procedures for the prize fulfillment.